• Which cut and what color to choose?

• Whatever the cut, color, or hairstyle you wish to have, I will advise you to find the one that will put you the most in value.
• You will be conquered by the result and by the price, promise held!
• With a range of professional products without ammonia, paraben and resorsin; Suitable for all hair types.
• My know-how, quality, everything is at your door.

I HAVE SEVERAL prestations :

• Hair extensions (hot or cold laying)
• Botox capillary (care of the keratin)
• French Straighteninging of Myriam K (formal warranty)
• Color, Wicks
• Hair styling for the whole family
• Enjoy many offers regularly updated on the site.

Too often the extension is associated only with the length. Too many preconceived ideas mask the multitude of possible creations: Volume transformation transformation; Effect without making chemical colorations and with the greatest respect for the structure of your hair. Crea 'Straightening Extensions offers you a dream hairstyle combining makeover and extensions of creative styling with fascinating color effects in no time.


HOT : this method consists of fusing a strand of natural hair ending with a keratin nail to its own hair. The process is to heat this piece of keratin in order to achieve the desired effect making a close hand to body to your own hair. For a lifetime of 3 to 6 months depending on the care you take to their maintenance.

COLD: This method involves through a micro ring to merge its own hair with a strand of natural hair. This process requires no heat, however it requires much more maintenance and care the wick is reusable. For a lifetime of 3 to 6 months depending on the care you take to their maintenance.


Avoid any fat on the connectors "keratin" Prefer a serum to a fat ointment. And in the evening brush them and privilege a mat with your extensions in order to avoid the knots.


Extensions are usually removed after 4 to 6 months. The fixing points are then treated with a special lotion that softened them allowing a simple rapid withdrawal respecting and preserving your own hair.

French Straighteninging is revolution!


• Diamond Powder
• Flower of lily
• Hyaluronic acid
• Keratin

multidimensional shine bringing depth and richness to your color while, PROTECTING AND CAREING YOUR HAIR..


Volume control, Finished frizz that reappears with the first drop of rain; 5 minutes of brushing are sufficient for an exceptional duration of 4 to 5 months.


To those who dream of an ultra-Straightening hair, say goodbye to your loops!
Reserved for the followers of the plates to Straightening, This Straighteninging service will allow you to put away your straightener for several months.

D-Day is approaching and you're still wondering:

• Which hairstyle to choose?

• Who will be your hairdresser?

• Hair Salon or Home?

Créa'lisse extensions accompanies you ..